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Friday, 12 October 2012


I am off to the Pub for more than one drink. I will take my husband with me...... maybe.  Today I have pleased no body. The boy is all sound and fury, as he batters away at the boundaries  I have placed round his X Box use. His sister hisses and spits at my selfish limits on  taxi service. The boss grumbles at my unaccountable refusal to to take her to some X Factor  freakshow in Dublin. And my husband, he is cross at all my failures;   I am too indulgent; I  have failed to foster proper  self sufficency in my  children;  I have failed  to halve my workload  ( so that we can gather us  rosebuds while we may:)  He tells me I will kill myself and he will have no part of it!

Sometimes its hard to be a woman (in the words of the great Dolly Parton) . It is. And Women, no clarion calls to freedom, gender equality,  me time,  makes  a shavings difference here.  You are a Woman. Expectations are huge,  responsibillity  implacable, time out is stolen. And there IS NO ONE ELSE but you to hold your people's universe  high and clear, with your mind's  good attention,  to do the stuff you do.

So. I'm with Dolly, and basically it just is.

I willl certainly take my husband with me.